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Catch on the knit balaclava trend

The craze that is heating up again


3 Knit jacket silhouettes and detail trends to look out for

Shouldn’t it be on your radar by now?


All-time favorite: The cable-knit sweater

From being crafted for seafaring, to a staple re-imagined and refined by global fashion brands.


Statement Knits

Sweaters needn’t be boring!
Go bold with your knits.


The color trend of the season: Neon Green

Get your green on


Wearable art

When arts and fashion collide


Must-have fashion staple: The Knitted Vest

A hero piece that works in any season

The KnittedVests are certainly not just your sleeveless knits remembered from the 90s, rather a wardrobe essential that could transform your jeans and white t-shirt outfit to something more chic and could work in any season. Off the runway, there was an abundance of sweater vests, worn layered, or alone and with a miniskirt already. They are proof of being the undefeated layering solution that adds umph to your streetwear style.

Photo Credit: Henrik Vibskov

Photo Credit: Su Shan Leong

Photo Credit: Desquare2

Photo Credit: Molly Goddard

It is time to keep an eagle eye on the KnittedVest trend. With Gen-Z influencers’ layered knitwear outfits roaming Instagram feeds, the KnittedVest does accomplish a more polished cozy look in a comfortable manner. In North America, various iterations include the argyle knit design with oversized silhouettes, or tunic lengths and boxier cuts for hi-lo outfitting and seasonal layering have emerged among the youth markets with wide appeal.

Photo Credit: Phil Oh

Photo Credit: Tayhage

While splashing bold colors and applying loud prints, make the once traditional silhouette reinvented with such powerful visual impact. The minimalist version of the KnittedVest has its modernist appeal, and the adaptation of both the Fair Isle and more abstract patterns give more of a commercial appeal. The textured knits with intricate trims and finishes add polish, while graphic blocking will definitely create a directional look.

Photo Credit: Acielle / Style du Monde

Photo Credit: Acielle / StyleDuMonde

Photo Credit: Kenzo

Knitup’s Picks

The different vest silhouette choices that Knitup offers, are bound to suit your taste. Whether you are looking for the slightly tight fit or the oversized vest, it would be perfect for the in-between seasons wear.

Womens’s Fitted Round Neck Vest

BCI Cotton in 5GG Cable stitch

(color: Sunshine)

Men’s V Neck Vest

Recycled Viscose Nylon in 12GG Jacquard stitch

(colors: neonGreen/Surf’s up/Midnight/French Navy/Off White)

Pattern from Knitup Image Gallery

Women’s Oversized Vest

BCI Cotton in 12GG Jacquard stitch

(colors: Lavender/Sky Blue/Canyou/Reseda/Blazing Yellow)

Pattern from Knitup Image Gallery

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