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Custom Knitwear Manufacturer

We’re not your average manufacturer. We fuse modernity and heritage, offering cutting-edge technology and the legacy of a century-old fashion powerhouse. Our creation-to-manufacturing platform allows you to create statement pieces that rivals even the biggest aspirational brands, with no MOQ and a lightning-fast 3-week production lead-time.

Try now! Literally free to design.
Whether you decide to order 1 piece or more, we’ll bring it to life.

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Don’t Speak Knit?
Fully fashioned knitwear – created to form – is the most exclusive and design intensive, sustainable and premium form of apparel production. With Knitup, you won’t need to get a degree in Knitwear design. We are the professionals, now high fashion, sustainable design, with minimal waste can be your specialty too.
Ever tried virtual sampling?
Our Design Editor enables the visualization of high-fidelity, production-ready designs in real-time. Virtual sampling serves as an effective communication tool, allowing you to save time and valuable resources. Not only is virtual sampling free, but it also results in a close to perfect first-time sample before proceeding with bulk production.
Overwhelmed with ideas, unsure what to pursue?
Design using tested and commercially proven silhouettes, materials, and knit constructions. These market-vetted elements can serve as your guide in developing your next design because we know that product development requires a significant investment. Don’t worry, we’ve already done the grunt work, so you don’t have to.
Stuck With Excess Inventory?
Produce without minimum order quantities through our Design Editor and replenish (on demand) in just three weeks. Design broadly and spend less time on vendor management and more on, well, fashion.

Why Choose Us?


No Minimums.
No Subscriptions.

Order just one piece. Yes, just one. Design fashion, test market, then scale.

Three Weeks Till

Keep track of your order status, in real time. Launch your collection in under a month!

Real Time,
Production Ready Renderings

Visualize construction instantly. And even better: then make it.


Build a style and see its cost of production instantly. That quick!

Use Vetted Design

Design with commercially proven silhouettes, materials and constructions.


Apply any graphic or pattern as a knitted jacquard to any silhouette.

Our Design Editor is powerful and can be accessed through desktop only.

So get in a homey, creative space. Your access to all things sweater awaits there.

Access Knitup using your desktop to proceed with purchase of the Stitchbox


Our Design Editor is powerful,
available exclusively on desktop.

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Try out the Design Editor today and let your
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