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Knitwear Design Resources

The 5 fashion brands paving for size inclusivity

Brands celebrating different body types on the runway and e-commerce platforms

6 Gender fluid fashion brands you need to know

Brands designing gender neutral collections to suit all

The rise of Gender Fluid Fashion

Breaking boundaries in the fashion industry

Deck the halls with your one-of-a-kind “ugly” Xmas Sweaters!

Create it now and have it knitted up in no time!

Catch on the knit balaclava trend

The craze that is heating up again

3 Knit jacket silhouettes and detail trends to look out for

Shouldn’t it be on your radar by now?

All-time favorite: The cable-knit sweater

From being crafted for seafaring, to a staple re-imagined and refined by global fashion brands.

Statement Knits

Sweaters needn’t be boring! Go bold with your knits.

The color trend of the season: Neon Green

Get your green on

Wearable art

When arts and fashion collide

Must-have fashion staple: The knitted vest

A hero piece that works in any season

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