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Deck the halls with your one-of-a-kind “ugly” Xmas Sweaters!

Create it now and have it knitted up in no time!

Whether you’ve got a holiday party to attend to this year...

Crafting your own gives you bragging rights to your unique knitted design, crashing any party. "This sweater? Oh I just put it together on Knitup..." Dressing tacky to impress for this holiday season has never been this easy! Check out some of our favorite christmas sweater designs.

Oversized Crew Neck Pullover

Shawl Collar Cardigan

Or you’re just looking for a way to flaunt your festive style.

It’s not just about the “ugly” Christmas sweater. It’s time to amp up your Christmas wear with the right accessories as well! Don’t you think it needs to be a full-on Christmas outfit to call it a distinctive style? Don’t forget that you could also design a matching tote bag, beanie or scarf along with your outfit! Get your goof on! Or show off your festive fashion sense - it will be so on point, no one could miss.

Design your own to celebrate this festive season of the year!

Feel confident and cozy staying warm in your personalized artistic work, and start designing your merry knitwear creation today - a one-of-a-kind seasonal piece to treasure as it keeps your spirited style shining through the holidays.

Knitup’s Picks

Find an array of new and exclusive Fair Isle patterns from our Image Library. Have no fear, Knitup inspiration is here!

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