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Fast Track Your Creative Process

Explore our millions of design possibilities in one box

The Stitchbox allows you to dive deep into the world of machine knits and our materials, irrespective of if this is your first venture into virgin wool or you are a veritable veteran versed in Vikkel braids.
The Stitchbox
USD 69.00 + Shipping & Handling
In the box you will find:
• Yarn Color Booklet
• Dual-Purposed Swatch Scarf
• Glossary Pamphlet Guide

Build your brand now and build it right, using our Stitchbox. We know that it is hard to go wrong with any design made on Knitup, but give yourself the reassurance of knowing that you have made the best choice possible for your taste by understanding, in full, what you are capable of creating with Knitup.

Our Design Editor is powerful and can be accessed through desktop only.

So get in a homey, creative space. Check email. Your access to all things sweater awaits there.

Access Knitup using your desktop to proceed with purchase of the Stitchbox