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A Private Knitting Factory For Anyone, Anywhere

Unleashing the power of apparel production

Unleashing the power of apparel production

We are your end-to-end service solution when it comes to knitwear manufacturing. Knitup’s intelligent creation-to-manufacturing platform not only redefines the fashion and apparel landscape, but our full round services also empower anyone to make their statement with high quality custom knits. Our expertise and capabilities even go beyond our digital platform, servicing those from different industries like Fashion & Retail brands / Luxury Product Brands / Corporations / Marketing & Events Agencies/ Institutions / Influencers & Artists, whomever seeks to foster connections and cultivate community as cohesive as their favorite knit.

Our Design Editor is powerful and can be accessed through desktop only.

So get in a homey, creative space. Your access to all things sweater awaits there.

Access Knitup using your desktop to proceed with purchase of the Stitchbox


Our Design Editor is powerful,
available exclusively on desktop.

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on How To Knitup.

Try out the Design Editor today and let your
design abilities soar!

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