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How to Design Custom Knitwear


The Tech Pack Is Dead

You are now just 4 steps away from the factory floor.

You are now just 4 steps away from the factory floor.

Knitup is a full service digital design platform that brings the creative capabilities of a high fashion design house to brand-builders and creators for all knitted constructions. Through the platform, we operate without minimum order quantities — because we want you to design broadly, not expensively.

Let me break it down for you.

Any knit is only as good as its stitches. To Knitup, there are four main fundamental design decisions you will have to make. Yup, just four. We’ve made each design decision visible in real time. So, experiment away.

Shape It

Which silhouette will you build your design around? Knitup’s library is made up of both knitwear mainstays and what we know is on trend today. You are in good hands.

Touch It

Which material will you use? Each of Knitup’s qualities has a different use case. Looking to create a womenswear line that would make Hedi Slimane proud? Use our Recycled Viscose Nylon. Designing outerwear? Total Easy Care Merino Wool.

Construct It


Your first choice on your approach to texture should be the stitch used to construct the garment. Jerseys, cables, jacquards, tucks — we have them all.

Your second choice should be on your approach to gauge. Knitup offers three gauges: 5, 7, and 12. 12 is fine; 5 is coarse. Your chosen gauge will determine how thick the garment construction will be and alter the very nature of the stitch chosen.

Once you’ve determined your combination of stitch and gauge, play around with our many, many colors. They are specific to the material you’ve selected; so if you don’t just happen to find that perfect shade of earthtone in cashmere (which actually we challenge you to), try in our BCI Cotton.


One of the most premium qualities of a knit is its ability to support patterns that are built into the garment itself. Looking to customize a leopard print? Or take your street art to another medium? Our yarns can support your pattern.

Use our Image Upload feature to take your art or images and separate it into a set of yarns that will then be used for construction. Adjust the placement of your artwork to match your preference on each garment panel. Your piece will then be constructed using a 12 gauge jacquard that will bring your pattern to life.

Size It

Want in on a secret? There is no such thing as standard sizing. Brands differ tremendously in their approach to what is labelled S, M, and L. Because its subjective, and because we know that while there is no such thing as a right size, just a right fit, we have built in eight grading options that automatically cover most standard fits. Select from any of our standard sizes. Not sure which one is correct? Check out our measurement charts.


We quick. Like realll quick. Once your design is confirmed, we will ship it, in just under three weeks — barring occurrence of natural disaster, acts of God, or Chinese national holiday.

Don’t yet have a specific set of styles in mind? Just by trying to develop different styles through the Design Editor, you will be able to evaluate the production costs of your creative aspirations once an initial design is created.

Our Design Editor is powerful and can be accessed through desktop only.

So get in a homey, creative space. Your access to all things sweater awaits there.

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Our Design Editor is powerful,
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