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Knitted Vest Outfits: Must-have fashion staples

Must-have fashion staple: The Knitted Vest

A hero piece that works in any season

Must-have fashion staple: The Knitted Vest

A hero piece that works in any season and a perfect layering piece, knitted vests harmonize effortlessly with both casual t-shirts and formal button-down shirts, offering many outfit options.

They’re an undefeated layering solution that adds oomph to your streetwear style. Whether it’s a cable knit sweater vest for colder days or a breathable, sleeveless sweater for more temperate climates, these vests serve as a transitional item for all weather conditions.

And these Knitted Vests are certainly not just your sleeveless knits remembered from the 90s, rather a wardrobe essential that could transform your jeans and white t-shirt outfit to something more chic and could work in any season.

Off the runway, there was an abundance of sweater vests, worn layered, or alone and with a miniskirt already. They are proof of being the undefeated layering solution that adds umph to your streetwear style.

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How To Style a Knitted Vest

It is time to keep an eagle eye on the Knitted Vest trend. With Gen-Z influencers’ layered knitwear outfits roaming Instagram feeds, the Knitted Vest does accomplish a more polished cozy look in a comfortable manner. In North America, various iterations include the argyle knit design with oversized silhouettes, or tunic lengths and boxier cuts for hi-lo outfitting and seasonal layering have emerged among the youth markets with wide appeal.

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With Bike Shorts

This look elevates casual streetwear to a higher aesthetic while maintaining ease of movement and functionality. You can also add in a button-down for a preppy twist that elevates this simple sweater vest outfit. Argyle knit designs work particularly well with monochrome bike shorts, creating a contrast that's both eye-catching and harmonious.

If you're leaning toward a more relaxed fit, consider oversized or baggy knitted vests that allow for seasonal layering. This style provides not only versatility but also an opportunity to showcase your personal flair. Whether you choose merino wool for a touch of luxury or recycled viscose nylon for a more sustainable choice, your knitted vest and bike shorts combo is bound to turn heads and align with the current knitwear fashion trends.

Tucked Into Slacks

The knitted vest's adaptability is beautifully showcased when tucked into a pair of tailored slacks as an alternative to a cardigan — and if you’re not an expert tuck-inner, a cropped sweater vest can achieve the same look. It's a polished look that strikes the right balance between formal and approachable, making it perfect for everything from office settings to dinner dates.

Slacks in neutral tones such as black or gray form a stunning backdrop for vests with tunic lengths and boxier cuts, while a fitted v-neck sweater vest can elevate the look even further. Add a leather belt to accentuate the waist and a blazer for layering, and you've created a silhouette that's both flattering and contemporary.

This tucked-in style also allows for effective seasonal layering, particularly if you opt for a sleeveless sweater vest made from temperature-regulating materials like merino wool or cashmere.

Over a Long-Sleeve

Layering a knitted vest over a long-sleeve shirt is a timeless technique for achieving a multi-dimensional look. This ensemble serves as an undefeated layering solution that adds both depth and texture to your outfit.

For a casual daytime appearance, try layering a cable knit sweater vest over a simple white long-sleeve t-shirt or turtleneck. If you're aiming for a more formal vibe, try a button-down shirt under a tailored, v-neck knitted vest.

This layering works across seasons, too. Consider wearing a heavier wool vest for colder months or a lighter, sleeveless sweater for transitional weather.

Consider also the tactile qualities of your chosen fabrics. Soft cashmere against crisp cotton, for instance, creates a sensory contrast as compelling as the visual one. This outfit combination offers an excellent way to express your unique style while benefiting from your vest's transitional qualities.

Knitted Vests in Pop Culture

Knitted vests have made a number of specific and impactful appearances in pop culture, each time elevating their status from a mere clothing item to an icon of style, even beyond the retro vibes of Clueless. For instance, in the cult classic film The Royal Tenenbaums, the character Richie Tenenbaum makes a poignant statement with his camel-colored knitted vest.

In the realm of television, the character Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl frequently sports a knitted vest, making it synonymous with Upper East Side chic. Plus, knitted vests were given the spotlight in the critically acclaimed TV series Mad Men, used to evoke a sense of 1960s corporate America.

These specific instances illustrate how deeply ingrained the knitted vest has become in the tapestry of pop culture, transcending its origins to become a flexible and expressive garment for all sorts of storytelling and style statements.

How To Customize Your Knitted Vest

Customizing your knitted vest provides an extraordinary opportunity to let your personal style shine. Our state-of-the-art digital design platform allows you unparalleled flexibility in selecting materials, patterns, and colors to suit your brand.

While splashing bold colors and applying loud prints, make the once traditional silhouette reinvented with such powerful visual impact. The minimalist version of the KnittedVest has its modernist appeal, and the adaptation of both the Fair Isle and more abstract patterns give more of a commercial appeal. The textured knits with intricate trims and finishes add polish, while graphic blocking will definitely create a directional look.

Photo Credit: Acielle / Style du Monde

Photo Credit: Acielle / StyleDuMonde

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With a range of yarns and materials — like total easy care merino wool for outerwear or recycled viscose nylon for lighter wear — we make it simple to create a one-of-a-kind piece that resonates with your fashion sensibilities. Plus, our commitment to sustainability and innovation means your custom piece will not only look good but also feel good to your customers.

Knitup’s Picks

We’ve curated a line of knitted vests that offer not just variety but also style, comfort, and sustainability. You can even order our Stitchbox to get an idea of how materials and colors will perform in real life. Let's dive into some of our standout pieces.

Women's Fitted Round Neck Vest

When it comes to fitted styles, our Women's Fitted Round Neck Vest is a game changer. Constructed with BCI Cotton and featuring a 5GG cable stitch, this vest is both comfortable and chic.

The Sunshine color is a popular option, making it an ideal pick for those looking to add a pop of color to their wardrobe. This is a transitional piece that works exceptionally well for in-between seasons.

Men's V-Neck Vest

For men who prefer a classic but versatile option, the Men’s V-Neck Vest is a top choice. Created with Recycled Viscose Nylon in a 12GG Jacquard stitch, this vest is both soft to the touch and highly durable.

With a color palette that includes options like neon green, surf’s up, midnight, French navy, and off-white, it caters to diverse tastes and styles. Plus, it's perfect for layering over a casual white t-shirt.

Women’s Oversized Vest

For those who lean towards a more relaxed fit, our Women’s Oversized Vest is a must-have. Made with BCI Cotton and featuring a 12GG Jacquard stitch, it offers both quality and comfort.

The vest comes in a range of unique colors like lavender, sky blue, canyon, reseda, and blazing yellow, allowing it to blend seamlessly with any wardrobe. Our design resources ensure that each vest is not just a piece of clothing but a fashion statement in its own right.

The different vest silhouette choices that we offer, are bound to suit your taste. Whether you are looking for the slightly tight fit or the oversized vest, it would be perfect for the in-between seasons wear.

Womens’s Fitted Round Neck Vest

BCI Cotton in 5GG Cable stitch

(color: Sunshine)

Men’s V Neck Vest

Recycled Viscose Nylon in 12GG Jacquard stitch

(colors: neonGreen/Surf’s up/Midnight/French Navy/Off White)

Pattern from Knitup Image Gallery

Women’s Oversized Vest

BCI Cotton in 12GG Jacquard stitch

(colors: Lavender/Sky Blue/Canyou/Reseda/Blazing Yellow)

Pattern from Knitup Image Gallery

The Bottom Line

In an ever-changing fashion landscape, the knitted vest stands as a timeless piece that adds flair to any outfit. Whether you prefer a fitted or oversized look, Knitup's versatile range of vests offers something for everyone. From sustainable materials to diverse color choices and cutting-edge design features, these vests are not merely clothes but expressions of style.

By prioritizing both sustainability and innovation, we’re here to elevate the humble knitted vest to a must-have fashion staple. So, if you're looking to add a layer of style, comfort, and responsible fashion to your wardrobe, look no further than a custom knitted vest with Knitup.

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